3 Reasons why you should hire a wedding planner

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Why do you hire a wedding planner?

Getting married is an unforgettable occasion in anyone’s life, regardless of race, creed, nationality, and religion. It is a very special day for any couple, thus the celebration must be treated and addressed accordingly.

Couples used to find it difficult to comprehend and appreciate the amount of work wedding planners had to do since they didn’t realize how demanding our industry is and all the challenges we have to deal with. Given the social influence of a wedding and the plethora of information about these events available on the internet and social media, today’s bride and groom respect and cherish wedding preparation and progress, as they are aware that the planning (while appearing to be a simple, beautiful, and even glamorous job) is actually a very complex task.

Wedding planning needs extensive industry expertise as well as considerable effort to guarantee that everything goes as planned; only a professional with years of experience and dedication in this sector can assure the best outcome. Relying on someone who not only knows how to plan, organize, and handle every part and detail of a wedding but is also in charge of creating and styling it to your specifications and advising you at all times, is invaluable!

Each couple approaches the planning process with various objectives in mind. If we had to characterize the position, it would be someone who knows a couple’s vision, works to establish and leverage connections with people needed to bring the vision to life, then executes (and facilitates the execution of) the plan when it counts most and when problems beyond their control are likely to arise.

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Effortless Coordination

Wedding planners like us keep you and all your wedding activities arranged, from photography to food and flowers to the music playlist, all while reducing your stress and ensuring the planning process is joyful and pleasurable for you. During your wedding celebrations, your planner will take care of every minute detail, making this a memorable event with everything falling into place. Their designs and efforts will elevate your wedding activities to new heights. They will meet with you to discuss wedding details, negotiate vendor contracts, and ensure that wedding-day events go well.

If you are attempting to save money, you may consider wedding planning expenses to be an item that you can completely skip. Keep in mind, however, that the wedding planners have the resources to prevent frequent blunders due to their inside contacts and expertise and also they can get all requirements done perfectly at the same time keeping everything within your budget. Hiring a wedding planner for your wedding may be the most cost-effective option for saving you time and making the entire wedding process flawless and straightforward. This position is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of a perfect wedding day, but you may not know the entire scope of a wedding planner’s responsibilities.

Aside from their great and compassionate counsel, direction, and organizing capabilities, a wedding planner will manage all the minor details with which many couples require an additional helping hand. See here for a small list!

Things a wedding planner can help you with:

Starting from managing initial client appointments to discussing potential wedding packages, planning, preferred type of wedding, wedding budget, and so on.

Planning your wedding events

Talk over wedding specifics with couples, such as venue, entertainment (Dance performance, sangeet, etc..,), and food

Greater Creativity

Create design aspects for all wedding events, such as color palettes, decor rentals, lighting, and overall aesthetic details.

Recruiting the best people

If requested, schedule a site inspection. Meetings (or video conferences) will be scheduled with suppliers like photographers, videographers, florists, decor companies, DJs, Dhol performers, and so on.

Keeping things on track

  • Contract negotiations with the vendor team, as well as follow-up on needed payments and due dates, to ensure that no deadlines are missed.
  • Make certain that all required wedding materials and equipment are carried out and set up on schedule.

  • Waking up before dawn (often at 4 a.m.) to ensure that morning event decor (usually the primary event for a wedding ceremony) is properly set up.

  • Monitoring all wedding-day events to guarantee a seamless operation (soundchecks, set-up inspections, and more!)

  • Obtaining any locally available supplies that may be required (coconuts for the ceremony, smoke bombs, welcome bag contents, or any last-minute shopping).


We will make your wedding planning process pleasant and even more exciting! It’s okay to think of wedding preparation as a stressful time in your life, when you’re always nervous, running out of time, or worried. However, this does not have to be the case. In fact, we, at Creative Curators, will ensure that you enjoy not just your wedding day but also the planning process. As a team, you will become an important part of the decision-making process to tailor to your personal requirements. We will always advise and support you so that you never feel like a fish out of water. Creative Curators will be the team you can rely on, that will be there for you at any time.

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