How do you make a wedding budget?

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How do you make a wedding budget? In India

In India, there are two things on which people will go out of their way to lavish. The schooling of their child is one thing, and their child’s marriage is another.

Anyone who has ever attended an Indian wedding would agree that Indian parents go above and beyond their financial means to guarantee that their children have a lavish wedding while maintaining their “Maan” and “Samman” 

Several cost concerns might make or break your wedding budget. These are the big-ticket expenditures that you should prioritize, knowing that the smaller bills will undoubtedly follow.

Here’s a rundown of those big-budget elements, as well as what you can do to save money in those areas.

Choosing a Venue

It is preferable to choose a place that is closer to your home since this will save you money on rental cars or buses. Keep in mind that you should choose your wedding location months ahead of time.

When a wedding season is in full swing, it is advisable to choose a site ahead of time as suppliers, resorts, and banquet halls try to gulp up as much money as they can. Simply cross a destination wedding off your list when looking for a budget-friendly spot.

We compiled a comprehensive list of factors to consider while selecting the ideal wedding venue. 

Purchase during the off-season

We all know that in a popular season, an item in high demand costs more. Keeping this in mind, plan to purchase your designer dress during the off-season. Furthermore, you may be able to get your dress at a 40 percent discount! This is a fantastic opportunity to get clothes from your favourite brands that might otherwise have a higher price tag.

Furthermore, you have a huge variety of shopping options from which to choose. You can make purchases from online shopping sites as well as brick-and-mortar establishments. You may quickly compare prices and find one that suits your needs.

Elegance of wedding

Without wedding decorations, no wedding is completely complete. Your decorations, no matter how simple they are, may transform a special occasion into the wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime party you’ve always imagined but never had. When it comes to wedding decorations, though, everyone has a budget. You can create a beautiful ambiance at your wedding with less decoration expense, such as using reusable material for centerpieces or going local with flowers, but the decor is one area where you can’t appear to be cutting the budget, so a good wedding planner will always suggest the best decor that looks elegant while also being within your budget limits.

Make a list of your priorities.

Make no erratic plans for your wedding planning checklist. Prioritize the most important items first, and then move on to the less important items. You may compromise on one thing while spending more on the other by prioritizing your work list.

Cutting costs isn’t a bad thing, and doing it sensibly won’t make you look stingy in front of your guests. A wedding planner may assist you in this aspect, allowing you to organize the event without overspending on frills.

Adapt to the Season

Purchasing an out-of-season flower for your décor might be expensive. Consider some content that is appropriate for the time of year. The same may be said about your diet. Using an out-of-season fruit or vegetable in your main dish or dessert might save you a lot of money.

Having expensive food or décor is not a problem if your pockets are deep enough. On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll have to think creatively and make adaptations to the flowers or food you have on hand for that season.

Shopping for Jewelry

Purchasing gold, platinum, or diamond jewelry appears to be the wise course of action. However, keep in mind that they are the most expensive aspects of any wedding. This is undoubtedly the portion where brides-to-be will spend the most time. Make an effort to be unique in your wardrobe style.

Though you must buy some genuine gold or diamond jewelry, attempt to improve the gold to gemstone (excluding diamonds) ratio as the stone value depreciates over time but not gold. Also, check the ornaments’ making charges; if you bargain on making charges, you can save a great deal of money.

Make a smart catering list.

Given the fact that food is the most discussed issue at every wedding, cutting corners on your budget might jeopardize your reputation. As you are aware, your visitors will be paying attention to everything from the appetizer to the dessert, therefore it would be bad if your party caterer prepared tasteless food.

To begin, ensure that the caterer has a long list of references so that you may feel confident in the food’s quality and flavor. Consult with a party manager or catering manager to determine which foods you must provide.

Spend less on entertainment.

I’m sure you have a favorite photographer or filmmaker whose work you admire but can’t afford their services. Inquire whether they have a photographer or videographer on staff.

Hire a smaller band or simply one DJ, as well as professional dancers (or maybe your enthusiastic friends), for entertainment.

Rely on a wedding planner.

Hire the services of a professional wedding planner if you are absolutely lost and have no idea where to begin. Your wedding planner will stick to your budget, keep track of notes, develop calendars and timetables, and make sure everything goes well. They’ll help you save both time and money.

An experienced wedding planner will give you sound advice and point you on the right path, and you can be certain that they will only work with reputable wedding vendors. Some of the more seasoned, famous wedding planners like Creative Curators will set you back a small fortune


Your overall wedding expense estimate might be 6 lakhs or 65 lakhs, depending on how extravagant you want your wedding to be. Examine your financial situation to see what you have, what you need, and what wedding financing choices you can take.

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